What does End-Point Assessment involve?

As part of the government’s apprenticeship reforms, the delivery of an apprenticeship has been separated from the final assessment which determines whether the apprentice has achieved the required standard to achieve their apprenticeship.

The EPA is an assessment which confirms that the apprentice has acquired the knowledge, skills and behaviours for a particular role once the apprenticeship training has been completed. The independence of the assessment, carried out by a different organisation to the one delivering the apprenticeship ensures that skills are assessed externally.

When an apprentice reaches the end of their training, the employer and training provider will take a joint decision as to the readiness of the apprentice to undertake their end-point assessment.  In order to be able to undertake the end-point assessment the apprentice must have completed all the elements of their training and enter the assessment gateway.  The end-point assessment organisation will be independent of the training provider delivering the apprenticeship training and from the employer.

All EPA organisations must be registered through the SFA’s register of Apprenticeship Assessment Organisations for each standard they wish to be approved for. Employers can make their own choice of end-point assessment organisation or in consultation with their lead provider. The end-point assessment is in addition to any qualifications or other assessment an apprentice may undertake during training.

The approach to conducting end-point assessments will be set out as part of the Assessment Plan for the applicable standard. There is the potential to include a range of assessment criteria depending on the apprenticeship standard being undertaken. The elements will be set out in the Assessment Plan and will cover:

  • The range of methods – such as examinations, interviews, observations at work and professional assignments.
  • Explain what will be assessed – ie the skills, knowledge and behaviours listed within the standard.
  • Explain how the apprentice will be assessed, outlining the methods to be used

E.g:  End-Point Synoptic Assessment elements for Level 2 Adult Care.

  • 60 multiple choice test
  • Professional discussion
  • Assessment of witness statement (from a service user or carer)
  • Assessment of ‘showcase’ portfolio       

The independence of the EPA organisation is designed to ensure that those making a decision on the competency of an apprentice have nothing to gain from the outcome. Training providers will need to work with an End-Point assessment organisation to ensure the learner is appropriately prepared for the EPA. Both training providers and employers must make sure their learners are prepared for EPA to avoid unnecessary re-sit costs and poor experiences for the learners.

For more information about EPAs

The SFA Register for Apprentice Assessment Organisations can be found at: www.gov.uk/government/collections/sfaregister-of-training-organisations

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