Why choose Steadfast Training Ltd?

Steadfast Training Ltd is a nationally recognised provider of quality Vocational Training, Apprenticeships and Employability Programmes. We consistently achieve a higher than average success rate of apprenticeship completions.

At Steadfast Training Ltd we specialise in vocational training in the workplace, with years of experience and specialised staff we are able to identify your company’s training needs. Once your training needs are agreed, we will deliver high quality training and help you with the most suitable funding routes for Apprenticeships and Diplomas.

We specialise in the delivery of Vocational Qualifications and Apprenticeships within many sectors, including Business & Administration, Customer Service, Health & Social Care, Hospitality, IT User, Digital Marketing, Management, Team Leading and Warehousing & Storage.

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Steadfast Training Ltd’s vision is to make a positive difference to people’s lives by providing outstanding learning opportunities. We care about the welfare, needs and ambitions of all our learners, we ensure each individual receives a nationally recognised qualification and great career prospects.

Our Mission Statement…

  1. To make the learning journey a valued, enjoyable and quality experience.

  2. To be flexible and responsive in all forms of employer engagement.

  3. To serve our partner employers by delivering nationally recognised, professional training and learning for the benefit of the individual, employer and service user. 

  4. To ensure continuing improvement through our quality standards. 

  5. Dedicated to minimising costs of maximising futures.

  6. To help job seekers in understanding their options and give them the knowledge and skill set to enter the work force with confidence.


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Latest News

Steadfast Training Ltd granted Chartered status

We are pleased to announce that Steadfast Training Ltd is now a member of The Chartered Institution for Further Education (CIFE), one of only three Independent Training Providers to receive Chartered Status.

Steadfast Training Ltd is a prime contractor to non-levy payers

We are happy to announce Steadfast Training Ltd is an ESFA prime contractor to non-levy payers

NEW! Online Courses


We are pleased to announce we now offer Online Courses for businesses and individuals

National Apprenticeship Week 2016

The dates for National Apprenticeship Week 2016 have been announced!

Schools 'must offer Apprenticeship options'

Schools in England are now required to promote 'vocational routes' as much as academic subjects in an attempt to 'level the playing field' and stop 'outdated snobbery' 


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