6 Reasons Why Apprenticeships Are Great

Of course apprenticships are a good idea but why? Well we're going to tell you 6 reasons why!

1. Earn while you learn

Apprenticeships offer a great system by which you can earn a fair income whilst undergoing training and developing new skills.

2. Brilliant way to start a career

An apprenticship is a brilliant way to start a career as it gives you the experience most future employers will be after. This can be a stepping stone into your desired direction or in some cases the employer will keep you on after your apprenticship.

3. Anyone can become a apprentice

Alot of people think apprenticships are purely aimed at school leavers but they're wrong, anyone over the age of 16 not in full time education can complete a apprenticeship.

4.  Overall success and satisfaction

Past and completed apprenticeships have had a huge success on both the employee and employers behalf. For example within Steadfast we received feedback that 95% of respondents would recommend our organisation to friends or family and our overall learner satisfaction score is 94.9%.

5. Wide variety

There is a wide range of apprenticeship courses on offer and more are constantly being added. Therefore there is a high chance that you can do an apprenticeship in any career that you want to excel in. Apprenticeships come in three levels which are: intermediate level, advanced level and higher apprenticeships.

If you're interested in becoming an apprentice you can check out our vacancies page or give us a call on 0845 223 2401

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