The Truth about Apprenticeships

"Apprenticeships are for people that didn't get into university"

This isn't true, people are now choosing apprenticeships over university as a way to save money or get a head start in their chosen career. There are apprenticeships for everyone, GCSE level to degree level.

"Apprenticeships are badly paid"

This is a very common myth amongst young people and parents alike. Apprentice minimum wage is now £3.70 an hour for your first year, however a lot of employers pay more meaning you could be on £200 a week!

"Apprentices only make teas and coffees for other staff"

All apprenticeships are full time jobs with real roles, responsibilities and expectations.

"Apprenticeships are only for trade jobs"

You can now do an apprenticeship in almost anything, from Healthcare to Warehousing! Apprenticeships are no longer just for Builders and Carpenters, meaning that anyone can do an Apprenticeship at any age.

"Apprenticeships are just for school leavers"

This certainly isn't true, 46% of apprenticeship starts in 2016/17 were people aged over 25, 29% were between ages 19-24 and just 25% were under 19 years old.

"You have to go to college if you do a apprenticeship"

Not all Apprenticeships mean you have to attend college, for example a apprenticeship through Steadfast Training means you wont have to attend college but would be visited once a month by an assessor. If your apprenticeship is through a college its normally only one day a week or month you have to attend.


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Healthcare Homes Reach the Finish Line

18 months ago Steadfast Training Ltd started a new programme for Healthcare Homes called Healthcare Assistant Practitioner. This is a bespoke programme written by Healthcare Homes and Steadfast to upskill existing staff, to give them the skills to assist the nurses in 1st line nursing duties, such as blood pressure, catheter care etc.

Our Grand Opening!

Steadfast Training Ltd is pleased to officially open our new Head Office and Training Centre at Enterprise Way Spalding. The 7,500 sq ft site was acquired in May 2018 and has undergone extensive renovation and refurbishment, creating a 1st class working environment that is mainly open plan, with modern hot-desking facilities for field based teams and large training rooms to support short course skills and Apprenticeship delivery.

Supporting Your Child Through an Apprenticeship

Apprentices can start from school leaving age which is 16, giving your child the opportunity to kick start a career that they’re passionate about from a young age.

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