Supporting Your Child Through an Apprenticeship

If your child has started an apprenticeship, we’ve put together a few tips to help you both out.

Be honest: One of the most important things is to be honest with your children. If this is your teenagers’ first experience of the workplace it can be daunting. Work can be physically, emotionally and mentally tough. Explain to your child that if they are finding work especially hard our Apprenticeship Trainers are on hand to help.

Celebrate achievements: It’s also really important to celebrate when your child does something well or is praised at work, it’s always great to hear you’re doing a good job and it’ll give them the motivation and confidence to continue.

Budgeting: Another important thing to teach your child is about budgeting. If this is their first paid role they may need advice regarding savings and bills.

Talk: Something that might seem small but will help a lot is asking your child how they’re day went. Take an interest in what they’re doing and they will in return get to express how they feel.

We have a range of Information Advice & Guidance available on our website, along with a dedicated Facebook group to offer information, advice and guidance to Steadfast Apprentices.

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