Target Apprenticeships

EUSteadfast Training is part of a new project called ‘Target Apprenticeships’ that is aiming to build careers and benefit businesses. Led by the College of West Anglia, the project will encourage the uptake of apprentices and number of apprenticeships being offered across the geographical area of the former Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Area Enterprise.

‘Target Apprenticeships’ is funded by the European Social Fund and has a project value of £2.7 million.

The three strands for the project are:

1. Target Apprenticeships for Business

2. Target Apprenticeships for You – (where “You” is the prospective apprentice)

3. Target Apprenticeships for Schools and Families

Each of the strands will have distinct processes, but will all include opportunities to link in some way to each of the other strands.

The specific activities that Steadfast will undertake include:

  • Recruit and develop staff/advisors to deliver the objectives of the service, supporting those interested in the apprenticeship route and supporting companies to set up and recruit for apprenticeship programmes and provide ongoing support
  • Skills match service and business support including understanding of levy and non-levy funding
  • Independent and impartial advice and guidance to all parties
  • Delivery of basic or other skills including study skills for “apprenticeship readiness”.
  • Qualifications that are relevant for business and units up to Level 3 for other participants as identified
  • Promotion of all types of apprenticeships including Higher & degree apprenticeships

For any further information, please contact (please ensure you mention ‘Target Apprenticeships’ in the subject header).