My Experience As An Apprentice

As a very shy sixteen-year-old who had just finished her GCSEs and had no previous work experience, I felt completely lost when it came to deciding what to do next. My friends seemed to have their lives figured out, knowing exactly where they wanted to be and what they wanted to do. Whenever they asked me about my plans, I could only respond with uncertainty, saying “Well, I’m not entirely sure.” I went to every open day at every college nearby, but I just found myself feeling misplaced everywhere I went, I just could not visualise myself being there. I wanted more than what I was being offered.

Once I realised that the available options were not suitable for me, I decided to explore other alternatives on my own. During my research, I came across some information about apprenticeships, and when I read through it, I thought it was the best option for me. I spoke to my parents a lot through this confusing period as they were the ones always there for me and making decisions can be hard so it is always nice to have another opinion. They also thought this was perfect because I could pursue my qualification while earning at the same time, I also gain valuable working experience from it to add to my resume. So, after the reassurance from my family, I decided I was going ahead with doing an apprenticeship.

When I first joined, I was scared to begin with, scared of not making the right decision, scared of the extra work and time that I would have to do. I was scared because it was so different from what I knew. My previous schooling had quite short days, lots of different subjects, teachers guiding you through everything. And an apprenticeship was the complete and utter opposite, well you still get the guidance of course but you have more freedom.

To be quite frank with you, it was hard to adapt to these changes and I am still getting used to everything now, but I can easily say that my confidence has grown drastically since I started my apprenticeship, I feel more independent, more in control, and most of all I feel happier doing what I’m doing.

This apprenticeship has taught me a lot not only about the course but also about myself. Now, I am more prepared for my future and I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve come in these short few months. Strangely, I’m excited about new opportunities and for my future. Whereas, before I was scared and just wanted to press pause on everything so I would have enough time to prepare myself mentally for whatever came next.