Leader in Adult Care

Leader in Adult Care


18 Months

Funding Value


Non-levy Employer Contribution

£350 (5%)

Awarding Body


Role Profile

A Leader in Adult Care is responsible for guiding and inspiring a team of care workers. They develop and implement a values-based culture, manage the care team, and ensure regulatory compliance of the care given. They may be responsible for business development and financial control, and they have a responsibility to ensure that the service is safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led. Overall, the role of a Leader in Adult Care is critical in ensuring the provision of high-quality care and support to vulnerable individuals.

Key Information

Level: 5
Duration: 18 Months*
Funding Band: £7000
Non-Levy Employer Contribution: £350 (5%)
Awarding Body: HABC

Leader in Adult Care Fact Sheet

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