Work Well Suffolk

Together with partner organisation MENTA, Steadfast will deliver the Employment Service under the ‘Work Well Suffolk’ (WWS) project, which is managed by Suffolk County Council and part-funded through the European Social Fund.

Our support will include:

  • Employer Engagement, identifying local vacancies and matching participants’ skills to real job opportunities;
  • Deliver relevant pre-employment training that improves skills of jobseekers and meets the needs of local employers;
  • Provide in-work support and ongoing on-the-job-training/short courses) and mentoring to individuals to help them sustain employment;
  • Provide progression routes into Traineeships and Apprenticeships;
  • Promote the project across Suffolk through marketing and promotional events.

We will work closely with local employers to understand a business, their workforce and culture and what they are looking for in new recruits. We screen and select the participants from referrals generated through the project and match their skills and experience to the specific recruitment needs of a business.

All individuals undergo a thorough in-depth assessment of their skills, including functional skills (English and Maths), their individual learning styles and any additional support requirements they may have to help them secure and sustain employment.

A personalised learning plan will include specific functional and vocational pre-employment training to ensure they are equipped with the skills to start work. We closely engage with local employers and consult them on any pre-employment training they would like to see to support recruitment into specific areas within their business.

We will match the right candidate for a vacancy and prepare them for specific interviews, so they meet employers fully motivated and ready to impress. If successful at the interview stage, we support candidates and employers throughout the induction process and keep in touch with both through those important first weeks, up to three months, while employees settle into their new team.  Any additional training needs that a new recruit may have will be addressed in close consultation with employee and employer

The key strands of our model are:

    • Service is personalised and will allow for frequent 1-2-1 and small group support to meet individuals’ needs
    • In-depth assessment of each participant, leading to personal action plan
    • Regular identification of local vacancies by contacting local employers of any size
    • Arrangement of work trials and volunteering opportunities where direct route into employment is not possible
    • Delivery of accredited and non-accredited skills training to equip participants with the skills to meet job expectations
    • Delivery of Sector Based Work Academies with guaranteed interviews for course candidates
    • Ongoing support to help sustain job outcomes


For further information please email one of our skills advisors on: