Recruit, Retain and Reward (RRR)

The Recruit, Retain and Reward (RRR) Incentive from Apprenticeships Norfolk is a reward package providing £1,000 grants for businesses taking on new and/or redundant young apprentices, aged 16-24.

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Terms and conditions

  • ‘Recruit’ incentive grants and ‘Retain’ recognition grants are awarded subject to availability
  • Only one grant will be awarded per apprentice – either a ‘Recruit’ incentive grant or a ‘Retain’ recognition grant. Grants are limited to a maximum of three per organisation
  • Grants are open to businesses who are not subject to the apprenticeship levy (ie organisation payroll under £3m)
  • To be eligible the organisation must have a trading address within the Norfolk County Council administrative boundaries
  • To be eligible the apprentice must be aged 16-24 years at the start date of the apprenticeship
  • ‘Recruit’ incentive grants are open to organisations who do not currently employ apprentices and have not done so within the last 12 months
  • ‘Recruit’ incentive grants are designed to incentivise employers to create a new substantive role; not to convert an existing employee’s role into an apprenticeship
  • ‘Retain’ recognition grants are available if the apprentice has a minimum of 26 weeks remaining ‘on programme’ before completing (for frameworks) or reaching the end point assessment gateway point (for standards)
  • ‘Retain’ recognition grants are aimed at supporting post COVID-19 redundancies only – ie: apprentices made redundant after 19 March 2020

Employers are not eligible for redundancy recognition grants if they employ an apprentice back into their organisation, that they previously made redundant.

Redundancies must be genuine and not dismissal due to poor performance or resignation.

  • Applications must be fully completed, including bipartite electronic signatures. Declaration forms must be fully completed, including tripartite electronic signatures. Forms must be submitted from either their organisations email address or the training provider’s email address. Acknowledgements will be emailed to both parties
  • Applications will be accepted for apprenticeship starts on/after 1 August 2020. Grants can be applied for and reserved, up to a max of 6 weeks in advance of the apprenticeship start date
  • In any eventuality, both successful and unsuccessful applications/declarations will be notified by email
  • For both grant payments, there is a one-off payment after 12 weeks (to align to the completion of the first or next planned progress review). The declaration must be completed and submitted in order that payment can be made. There is a maximum buffer of an additional 4 weeks before the application will be closed and funds reallocated, if the declaration has not been received. In the event the apprentice does not remain employed/stay on programme for at least 12 weeks, the applicant is not eligible for the grant payment and the application will be closed
  • Appeals procedure; Apprenticeships Norfolkreserve the right to complete audit checks to ensure applications are aligned to R|R|R terms and conditions. Applications or declarations not meeting the criteria will be deemed as unsuccessful. In the first instance a decision will be made by the awarding authority. Applicants have the right to appeal this decision, if they believe the application does meet all the eligibility criteria and have other supporting evidence to validate this. In the event of an appeal, a decision will be made by an independent party. Appeals must be submitted within 14 working days, and appeal decisions will be communicated within 14 working days of being submitted. Appeal decisions made by the independent party will be final

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