Why Choose an Apprenticeship: The Benefits Beyond Traditional Education

Are you at a crossroads in your education and career journey? Depending on the path you choose, whether it be traditional education or an apprenticeship, this choice could have a big impact on your future.

Traditional education has always been the standard route to go without anyone thinking otherwise. However, an alternative education that has many benefits and advantages is apprenticeships. Some examples of these benefits are as follows:

  • Apprenticeships allow an individual to get real-world experience which includes hands-on learning and practical skills but also allows you to experience actual challenges and opportunities in your chosen field. Whereas traditional education involves more of a theoretical knowledge and physical aspect.
  • With an apprenticeship you can earn whilst you learn, so instead of debt or student loans it’s actually the opposite. As well as having financial stability because of this, you also gain skills, and knowledge.
  • The learning style of an apprenticeship gives you the chance to have a tailored learning experience which means the learning will cater to your strengths, weaknesses and learning style. There are 4 main learning styles being visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and reading/writing. By having this approach being tailored, it can help to accelerate your learning and set you up for success.
  • Nowadays, those who you know is just as important as what you know, which is great news if you’re doing an apprenticeship. This is because when doing an apprenticeship, you are surrounded by people in a professional environment and it can help you to build good relationships and gather more connections to people by networking.
  • Once you finish your apprenticeship and start looking for work, you will begin to realise that employers mostly want to hire those who possess the skills needed that can be applied straight away. Apprenticeships focus on providing you with skills that you will be able to take away which will set you apart form other candidates. However, more times than not, the place where you completed your apprenticeship can offer you a role, which secures you a job placement right away.
  • Traditional education can take many years to complete before you be deemed ready to start looking for work. But there is actually a faster way to do this, which is by doing an apprenticeship. This can cut down the duration by more than half! Also, because you gain experience whilst learning, you are constantly taking on more skills and practices that you can take with you to a job role.
  • Most importantly, apprenticeships help with your long term goals and your future. They give you a qualification which is recognised by your specified industry, which when combined with your practical skills and experience, it can open up many doors for you and set you up for a really rewarding and successful career.

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