Do you know how good short courses actually are?

Short courses are a great way to further an individual’s skillset and their abilities – and whilst we offer an array of 17 different short courses from Asbestos Awareness all the way up to Team Working, I’d like to tell you more about what short courses actually are.

Short courses are a way of learning that can be split into modules or kept as a whole: to further knowledge, gain extra knowledge and a way to explore new areas of interests. Not many people take part in short courses and personally I believe this to be because they don’t know the advantages, so here they are…

Firstly, if you take part in a short course, you can add it onto your CV and it looks very good and shows you want to learn, you want to explore different interests and you want to gain more knowledge, which is a massive plus to employers especially when you are looking for work.

Speaking of looking for work, if you choose to take part in a short course, you will get qualified in a shorter amount of time (they’re called short courses for a reason) which results in you being able to look for work sooner as you have acquired your qualification quicker!

They’re online! Yes you heard it right- they really are, which means you are free to study whenever and wherever is most convenient for you, and at your own pace.

Short courses are a way to stay on top of industry advancements: (adapt to the latest skills to meet the growing demands of your chosen field), ‘taste-test’ a new career if you will or just to kick start your learning- you decide!

Finally, If I were to speak ‘statistically’, in 2019 and 2020 the success rate of short courses was 82.3% amongst learners, However in 2015 the success rate was only 76.1%, and if we take into account the progressing economy and rise of knowledge in generations to come, then the success rate should go up – not just 6.2% as it did previously but even more, so there’s no reason not to take part.

Maybe you could be a part of the rising 6.2% or more- who knows?